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A Brief Chronicle of Presidio del Norte: Homeland of the Jumano is a book about the La Junta de los Rios region that became known as, Presidio del Norte which includes a large portion of West Texas as well as Northeastern Chihuahua and Northwestern Coahuila, Mexico. The book includes notations of an archaic Spanish document that was translated in 1936. It provides insight into the events and lives of people who lived in the region. The translated chronicle includes information from between 1775 and 1859 during the years surrounding Mexico's independence from Spain and when West Texas officially became a part of the rest of Texas and the United States. Very little is known about West Texas during these times, which alone makes this book historically significant.

This preface, introduction and conclusion provide an additional history of the West Texas region that corresponds with the chronicle from the standpoint of its native populations. As such the book takes into account the native Jumano, Apache, Comanche and Mexican-American view of local and regional events as well as genealogical content.

With the addition of local traditional knowledge an opportunity is presented to reevaluate existing facts and issues, to promote peace and understanding, as well as establish mutual respect and acknowledgment of all people.

Israel Mendoza de Levario is a native of the La Junta region. His first publication was in 1996: Old Texas's Chile Cuisine. He was born in Pecos and, after the age of six, raised in Odessa, Texas. He is part of the last generation who grew-up with people born in the 1800's and early 1900's. As such, he learned about his past while literally and figuratively sitting on his grandmother's knee. Israel began investigating his family tree and ancestry in 1987, which expanded to include the history of the La Junta region (West Texas). An important part of his research involved interviewing elderly natives. In this regard, Israel is a person who was touched by the last generation of people who lived very much in the old ways and he has searched for answers that allow him to understand himself, his family, and the heritage of people in the La Junta region.

For about 10 years he assisted Professor Estella Diaz, Director of the Pancho Villa Museum in Ojinaga, Chihuahua, Mexico preserving regional and local history. Israel also played an important
role in and provided valued resources for the establishment of a new museum in Ojinaga, Chihuahua. Sources relevant to the rich and ancient history of the La Junta region are scattered and the history of the native people has generally been neglected, making it difficult for one person alone to gather all the information. Consequently, in 1989 Israel focused on establishing a museum with a research center in Presidio, Texas, but although deserving, the community at that time could not support such a project.

From 1999-2001 Israel directed a second project to establish a museum/research center in Odessa, Texas. With exception of the mayor of Odessa and a few others, community leaders were
not ready to support such a project, although Israel has not given up the vision of its establishment. During that period, Israel also played a role in developing relations, cultural exchange, economic and tourism expansion between Ojinaga and Chihuahua City government officials in Mexico with Olivia Wilson, Curator of the White Pool House Museum, businesses, and the former mayor Bill Hext of Odessa, Texas.

ISBN: 978-1-4675-3735-3

Author: Israel Mendoza de Levario
Bilingual: English / Spanish
Cover, Reproduction of Watercolor Painting by Feather Radha
1-Map, 4 Map Illustrations, 2 Line Drawings, 8.5 x 11, 148 pages
Publisher: La Junta Press, P.O. Box 18001, Austin, Texas 78760
Website: Email: or

U. S. Price: $25 (includes sales tax, shipping & handling)
To Order, Send To: Israel Mendoza
P.O. 18001
Austin, Texas 7876

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