In going over my father's library we found a stack of post-cards stuffed in a small binder. They were postcards of scenes of the conflict with Villa at Columbus and other locations. The cards are in fair condition. Not great, and show some gristly scenes as well
as scenes of troop trains etc.

Is there any interest in these postcards? It is very possible that
they are just a set of cards which were distributed widely and not very unique.

I can send scans of several if that would be of interest.

David Sims

Today these postcards of the Mexican revolution are a little known but collectable glimpse into the horrors of that bloody civil war. While their monetary value has increased only slightly in the last few years, collectors do seek them out. During the years when they were produced and mainly marketed to U.S. soldiers stationed on the Mexican border, many thousands were sent home to families of these border guardians. Curiously the postcards seem to be more common in the states away from the border. You can find these postcards for sale on ebay but beware of overpricing and fakes. To learn more about these postcards I suggest you read Border Fury: A Picture Postcard Record of Mexico's Revolution and U.S. War Preparedness, 1919-1917 by Paul J. Vanderwood and Frank N. Samponaro published by University of New Mexico Press. Gj


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