Eleven years after Neeley's fine study of Quanah Parker comes Jack K. Selden's "Return: The Parker Story". Published by Clacton Press, this 311 page hardcover book, ISBN-13:978-0-9659898-2-4, details the story of the Parker family, the kidnapping of Quanah's mother, Cynthia Ann Parker, and her tragic life and death. Although I don't know him personally, Jack was a fellow contributing writer for the new "Handbook Of Texas" published by the Texas State Historical Association and has written for several Texas newspapers and magazines. He also has appeared on the History Channel. Selden's expertise in writing history is plainly demonstrated in the Parker story. When I read the Neeley book, I thought it to be the definitive work on Quanah but thanks to Seldon's excellent effort, I know now that both books need to be read to fully grasp the whole story of Quanah Parker, his mother's family and their prominent place in Texas history. Seldon's telling of the Parkers reads like a who's who of Texas past including Stephen F. Austin, Sul Ross, Sam Houston and his friend Issac Parker. Seldon clearly demonstrates James Parker's unrelenting determination to find Cynthia Ann and free her that inspired John Wayne's classic character in the film, "The Searchers". Read this book and you will want to again see the movie. In addition, Seldon who married into the Parker family, details the long rift and reunion between the Quanah's Oklahoma family and the Texas Parkers. This is a book who anyone interested in Texas history should not overlook. Return: The Parker Story is available from Clacton Press at Gj


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