Clacton Press in Palestine, Texas has just published an appealing new book about Comanche Chief Quanna Parker's mother. "Return: The Parker Story" by Jack Selden, is 328 pages and looks to be a fine contribution to Texas history by telling the story of Cynthia Ann Parker in detail for the first time. In 1836, Cynthia Ann Parker was taken captive by a band of Comanche Indians. She became the wife of Peta Nocona, a Comanche warrior and mother of the famous chief, Quanna Parker. John Wayne dramatized her story in the classic western movie "The Searchers". The Dallas Morning News has said that Mr. Selden, himself a member of the Parker family, is a diligent researcher who corrects, "a lot of the erroneous baggage" about the tale. I am looking forward to reviewing this book. "Return: The Parker Story" is available from Clacton Press at or by calling 903-729-1606. Gj


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